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Trading Wiser Combo (Options + Stocks) Premium Service - Semi-Annual

Your subscription includes the following:

For Options 

  • Private Twitter Feed Access
    • Real time Weekly / Bi-weekly / Monthly Options Trade alerts on Twitter Feed
  • Private Login to Tradingwiser Website 
  • Swing options Trade setup posted on Sunday Only (Website only - IF setup exists
    • Short Term Trades (1-3months options expiration)
    • Long Term Trades (>3months options expiration)
  • Personal Journals for tracking your Trades (Website only)
  • Precise Entry, Targetzones on Trade alerts
  • Response to questions via DM (Twitter)

For Stocks

  • Alerts on Stocks include
    • Charts
    • Entries
    • Exits
    • Stop losses
  • All trades are posted via email on Monday & Friday ONLY (IF setup exists)
  • 1-1 guidance on risk management, trades, position sizing via Email, Direct Messages @afortunetrading Twitter
Duration: 6 months
Price: $1,301.00