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1. Trade Alert (TA) = Trade with parameters such as Strike details with preferred buy premiums and expiration date and will be tracked on the sheet. TargetZones / Stops and Exits will be provided to manage your trade.

2. Trade Idea (TI) = This is a trade setup that will not be tracked on the sheet (Daily/Weekly Update Sheet). This is still a great setup and the individual trader needs to manage the risk accordingly.

3. Stop or Stop loss: This is based on every individual trader and account size. There are different ways to handle stop losses or getting stopped out in a trade.
For e.g. I/We use stops on support or resistance of a stock or will just the risk assigned as $ value as my STOP, to let it go to ZERO.

Stop loss Example1: Trade alert / Trade idea – $pcln $1857.50 calls at $3 may/26 exp. 
Stop loss: 20% based on Support/Resistance around $1825.

Stop loss Example2: Trade alert / Trade idea – $pcln $1857.50 calls at $3 may/26 exp. 
Stop loss: buy for $1000 if you are OKAY to let it go to $0 by expiration. In this case, your stop loss is $1000 instead of 50% of your initial buy $2000.

Depending on your account size and trading style choose the appropriate stop losses. 

4. Lotto Trades: This is a day trade with expiration same day or next day or two. Risk/reward is HUGE. Lotto’s use smaller $ value. If you normally trade $1000 on a trade, buy for $100-200 on lotto’s. NO STOP LOSS on these, just let it go to ZERO. 

5. How many trade setups every month?

a. We can have anywhere from 10 per month or 50+ in some months depending on the market. There are few times a year, market moves BIG upside/downside, we will have more setups during those months.

b. Goal is to make money and not end up doing too many trades and paying transaction fee’s to your brokerage. Quality setups are important for bigger returns than just quantity. 

6. Private Twitter will be used for providing Trade Idea / Trade Alert for this subscription service.

7. Weekly Setups will be posted on the Website by Sunday 6pm EST. Any delays, will be notified.

8. All questions will be answered via DM (Direct Messages) when asked in TWITTER, please do not ask questions on twitter feeds, use DM.

9. Remember I/We are trading along with you and hence expect a delay in response during MARKET HOURS of TRADING. Questions will be answered within 24hrs and after hours of market.

10. Journal Pages on the website will be provided for everyone to record your trades and can also be shared via Journal Wall. This is a good way to track your performance and learn from other traders in the community. 

11. When you SIGN UP for subscription (via the SIGN UP page) and complete the paypal payment. You will NOT be able to log-in to the website until it is activated by tradingwiser team. Please send an email to to activate the log-in access to the website with the below details: 
 Please email us the following info:
      a. Paypal email used for sign up
      b. Twitter handle
      c. Send twitter request to @tradingwiser

Account access to the website and Twitter Acceptance might take up to 24hrs after the verification process is completed. 99% of the time it is activated within few hours unless its during market hours.